Preview The Plates of Mormon October 24 2023

The Plates of Mormon:
A Book of Mormon Study Edition Based on Textual and Narrative Structures in the English Translation

"Readers will engage anew with the text of the Book of Mormon in this logically and creatively reformatted presentation, supported by highly insightful footnotes. There is much to be gained from this innovative contribution to Book of Mormon studies."
— Kerry Hull, co-editor, A Hundredth Part: Exploring the History and Teachings of the Book of Mormon

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For nearly two centuries, Latter-day Saints have been reading the Book of Mormon through multiple changes in its punctuation, formatting, and versification. The Plates of Mormon: A Book of Mormon Study Edition Based on Textual and Narrative Structures in the English Translation offers a new perspective on this book of scripture by seeking to align its English translation with the inaccessible golden plates from which that translation was made. Originally punctuated and formatted by the 1830 first edition’s compositor, John H. Gilbert, who had to add punctuation and paragraphs to the text to make it more reader-friendly, this study edition meticulously returns to this issue by reexamining punctuation and paragraphs to enhance readability while maintaining faithfulness to the source material. Utilizing insights explored in his companion volume, Engraven Upon Plates, Printed Upon Paper: Textual and Narrative Structures of the Book of Mormon, editor Brant A. Gardner also addresses issues of spelling, grammar, alterations, deletions, and paratextual information, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the Book of Mormon's composition and the principles guiding this edition's editorial decisions.

Additionally, this edition examines narrative and literary structures in its translation to best represent how Mormon’s ancient writings were recorded on his golden plates. It does so not only by removing modern summaries and versification formatting, but also by returning the text to its original chapters and relocating the small plates section outside of Mormon’s intended record. It also highlights the logic behind punctuation, paragraphing, chapters, and headers, helping readers gain a more profound appreciation for the text's nuances. If you're interested in the Book of Mormon's origins, textual structure, and the thoughtful decisions made in presenting it, this edition provides valuable insights and a fresh perspective on this sacred text. It is a must-read for those seeking to explore the Book of Mormon anew.