About Us

For over two decades, Greg Kofford Books has been a leading publisher in Mormon Studies with award-winning books focusing on Mormon history, theology, scripture, and culture.
     Based in Sandy, Utah, we strive to make available the best research in a manner that is accessible to both scholars and everyday readers. Our books include the groundbreaking Contemporary Studies in Scripture series, the Second Witness Book of Mormon commentaries, the 3-volume Joseph Smith's Polygamy, and multiple award-winning titles.

Our Values

Impactful Scholarship

We desire to publish responsible and rigorous scholarship that impacts the field of Mormon Studies by working with thoughtful and innovative authors. Our mission is to publish the best research in a manner that is accessible to both scholars and everyday readers.


We believe that diverse representation in scholarship is critical and encourage submissions from underrepresented segments within our society; in particular, female scholars, scholars of color, and scholars who self-identify on the LGBTQ spectrum.


We strive to maintain a respectful attitude towards faith and belief while also challenging the status quo and critically analyzing theological, historical, philosophical, scriptural, and cultural topics. We reject scholarship that criticizes, attacks, shames, or discriminates others over matters of faith, political views, age, physical appearance, gender, race, sexual orientation, or ability.

Value & Respect Our Authors

We support our authors both in private and public settings, even in areas where there may be differing views, beliefs, or religious practices. We demonstrate our respect for our authors by prioritizing the quality of their scholarship over their personal views, beliefs, or practices.

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