Common Ground—Different Opinions available October 10th October 04 2013





Common Ground—Different Opinions: Latter-day Saint and Contemporary Issues.
Greg Kofford Books, Salt Lake City, UT. $31.95, 375 pages.
Release Date: October 10, 2013 in paperback and ebook.


Greg Kofford Books announces the release on October 10, 2013 of a new volume of essays on contemporary issues for Latter-day Saints. This collection addresses controversial issues from all sides while grounding the discussion in Latter-day Saint thought and culture.  Contributors include Senator Bob Bennett, Robert L. Millet, James Faulconer, Taylor Petrey, Margaret Young; issues addressed include same-sex marriage, race, feminism, partisanship, militarism, pacifism environmentalism, science and religion, and others.

This timely compilation is certain to generate interest and discussion.  The authors and editors are available for interviews to discuss the book, their contribution, and the place of Latter-day Saints in the larger social dialogue.  If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview please contact Brad Kramer at 801.572.7417 or by email at

Official summary: “There are many hotly debated issues about which many people disagree, and where common ground is hard to find.  From evolution to environmentalism, war and peace to political partisanship, stem cell research to same-sex marriage, how we think about controversial issues effects how we interact as Latter-day Saints. In this volume various Latter-day Saint authors address these and other issues from differing points of view.  Though they differ on these tough questions, they have all found common ground in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the latter-day restoration.  Their insights offer diverse points of view while demonstrating we can still love those with whom we disagree.”

Editors: Justin F. White, James E. Faulconer.
Contributors: Bob Bennett, Kent R. Brooks, Sariah Cottrell, Richard Davis, Eric A. Eliason, Daniel Fairbanks, James Faulconer, Robert L. Gleave, David Grandy, Kristine Haglund, George B. Handley, David A. Jensen, Robert Millet, Nathan B. Oman, Taylor G. Petrey, Steven l. Peck, Justin F. White, Camille S. Williams, Marleen S. Williams, Richard N. Williams, Larry Wimmer, Bruce Young, Margaret Young.