[FINISHED] Black Friday Sales: 30%-40% off all Book of Mormon titles! November 20 2015

Beginning on Black Friday and running through Cyber Monday, Greg Kofford Books is pleased to offer 30% off all Book of Mormon-related titles and 40% off the complete 6-volume set of Brant Gardner's Second Witness commentary series (offer limited to the first 100 sets). The Book of Mormon will be the Gospel Doctrine focus for 2016, so be sure to take advantage of this Black Friday weekend sale for your personal study, or for the teacher or student of scripture in your life.
30% off all Book of Mormon titles!
40% off complete set of Second Witness (limited to first 100 sets)!


Who Are the Children of Lehi?
DNA and the Book of Mormon

by D. Jeffrey Meldrum and Trent D. Stephens
$15.95 paperback
$11.16 Sale Price

“It may just cause you to think a little harder on the subject.”
— Association for Mormon Letters

Beholding the Tree of Life:
A Rabbinic Approach to the Book of Mormon

by Bradley J. Kramer
$21.95 paperback
$15.36 Sale Price

“Breaks fresh ground in numerous ways.”
— Terryl L. Givens

Traditions of the Fathers:
The Book of Mormon as History

by Brant A. Gardner
$34.95 paperback
$24.46 Sale Price

“For those who are teaching the Book of Mormon in Sunday School next year ... Gardner’s book is a tremendous resource. It’s informative, cogent, and altogether worth reading.”
— Association for Mormon Letters

The Gift and Power:
Translating the Book of Mormon

by Brant A. Gardner
$34.95 hardcover
$24.46 Sale Price

“Contributes new and exciting research”
— Mormon Times

Second Witness:
Analytical & Contextual
Commentary on the Book of Mormon

by Brant A. Gardner

Vol 1: 1 Nephi$39.95 hardcover, $27.96 Sale Price 
Vol 2: 2 Nephi through Jacob $39.95 hardcover, $27.96 Sale Price
Vol 3: Enos through Mosiah $39.95 hardcover, $27.96 Sale Price
Vol 4: Alma $49.95 hardcover, $34.96 Sale Price
Vol 5: Helaman through 3 Nephi $39.95 hardcover, $27.96 Sale Price
Vol 6: 4 Nephi through Moroni $39.95 hardcover, $27.96 Sale Price

“No other reference source will prove as thorough and valuable
for serious readers of the Book of Mormon.”
— Neal A Maxwell Institute for Religious Understanding, BYU

Brigham Young University
Book of Mormon Symposium Series, 9 Volumes
Various Authors
$129.95 paperback box set
$90.96 Sale Price



40% off the complete Second Witness 6 Volume series!
(limited to first 100 sets)

Second Witness, Volumes 1 - 6
Complete Set: $249.70 hardcover
$149.82 Sale Price