Recent Reviews of Kofford Books Titles October 10 2014

A number of our titles have received major accolades recently, with reviews posted everywhere from Amazon and GoodReads to major blogs, journals, and newspapers. A few highlights from the past couple months:

Women at Church, by Neylan McBaine

  • “I wholeheartedly recommend Women at Church. Read it yourself, then give a copy to your mom, your husband, your bishop, your Relief Society president, and your best girlfriends.” — Segullah
  • “This is a monumental piece of work that comes at a time when it is sorely needed.” — This Week in Mormons
  • “This book gives me a lot of reasons for hope.” — FairMormon
  • “[Readers] may find much in Women at Church to help LDS women have broader impact.” — Mormon Times
  • “I thank God for people like Neylan, speaking from a place of faithfulness and rootedness in the Mormon tradition.” — Jana Reiss, Flunking Sainthood

Re-reading Job, by Michael Austin

  • “...a great beginning for Latter Day Saints (or anyone else for that matter) who desire to have new insights and observations from their scripture reading.” Meridian Magazine
  • “Provides insights that enable us to re-read Job in a drastically new way.” Deseret Book
  • If it gets the extensive readership it deserves, [Re-reading Job] promises to enrich and enliven LDS discussions of scripture. . . . it could hardly be more accessibly and clearly written. Bravo to Michael Austin." By Common Consent
  • Above all, Re-reading Job is calculated to convince Latter-day Saints yet again that our scriptures, these ancient stories and experiences, are still incredibly relevant. . . . another fantastic title in the growing series 'Contemporary Studies in Scripture' from Kofford Books. The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship
  • Austin has not only cracked open Job, but he has also set a new gold standard for Mormon writings about scripture...” — Julie M. Smith, author of Search, Ponder, and Pray
  • This isn’t a hard book to recommend–go, now, buy it, read it.” — Eric Samuelsen, Mormon Iconoclast

The Liberal Soul, by Richard Davis

  • Richard Davis's new book is a spectacularly important reminder that the Body of Christ has a left hand side too.” — Michael Austin, author of Re-reading Job

From Above and Below, by Craig Livingston

  • Livingston represents the best of a new generation of scholars who are bringing a wider and much more interesting perspective to the study of the Mormon past.” — Journal of Mormon History

Authoring the Old Testament, by David Bokovoy

  • Insightful and edifying... rovides the reader with a greater understanding and insight into the Old Testament, along with other LDS scriptures.” — Deseret News

For Zion, by Joseph Spencer

  • For Zion is the most ambitious scholarly engagement with the law of consecration since Hugh Nibley’s Approaching Zion.” — By Common Consent

Mormonism at the Crossroads of Philosophy and Theology, by Jacob Baker

  • “ greater evidence of the fruit of David Paulsen’s tireless efforts to generate thoughtful and respectful interfaith dialogue between LDS and non-LDS thinkers can be found than this fine book itself.” — Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought

War and Peace in Our Time, by Mason, Pulsipher, and Bushman

  • “...a significant accomplishment. Mason, Pulsipher, and Bushman deserve considerable praise for prodding Mormons to think more carefully about the implications of their religion for issues of peace and war, for creating a space in which Mormons can begin to think ethically about their religious commitments."— Mormon Studies Review

The Man Behind the Discourse, by Joann Follet Mortensen

  • “ important contribution to the genre of family history.... an important for understanding...the often tumultuous experience of ordinary men and women in the early Church. ” — The Journal of Mormon History

Joseph Smith's Polygamy, by Brian Hales

  • “...Hales' volumes are ambitious by any measure and are impressive for their sheer scope, attention to detail, and thorough consideration fo all available sources.... a solid contribution to the historical and theological literature relating to Joseph Smith's life.” — BYU Studies Quarterly

Mormon Women Have Their Say, by Caroline Kline and Claudia Bushman

  • “By collecting and analyzing Mormon women's stories, Mormon Women Have Their Say points, again and again, to [their] ability and strength.” — Mormon Studies Review