Latter-day Dissent: At the Crossroads of Intellectual Inquiry and Ecclesiastical Authority June 12 2014


reporting of recent events has raised a number of questions about dissent, criticism, and ecclesiastical discipline in the LDS community. Some commentators have even drawn a parallel between these events and what came to be known as the "September Six"—the September 1993 disciplining of six prominent LDS scholars. 

In Latter-day Dissent: At the Crossroads of Intellectual Inquiry and Ecclesiastical Authority, author Philip Lindholm interviews many of the "Six" as well as several other LDS public intellectuals who faced Church discipline. Their experiences confronting LDS Church authority vary as widely as the outcomes of their trials: some were excommunicated, others disfellowshipped; some retained belief in the divinity of the Mormon Restoration, others rejected LDS faith claims; some returned to full activity and fellowship in the Church, others never came back. 

Each interview illustrates the tension that often exists between the Church and its intellectual critics, and highlights the difficulty of accommodating congregational diversity while maintaining doctrinal unity—a difficulty hearkening back to the very heart of ancient Christianity.

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Paperback, 272 Pages


ISBN 978-1-58958-128-9


Philip Lindholm obtained his doctorate in philosophical theology from the University of Oxford, and is a guest lecturer at both Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and MediehØgskollen, Norway. Of his seven degrees, he holds separate master's degrees in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and has published in volumes for scholarly and popular audiences alike.