Forthcoming Kofford Titles! January 27 2014


2013 was a terrific year for Kofford Books, and 2014 promises more great titles. Included in the list of books we will publish this year are the following:
Authoring the Old Testament: Genesis -- Deuteronomy
by David Bokovoy

Examines how biblical scholars today understand the first five books of the Bible as an amalgamation of multiple ancient texts, along with the implications of biblical scholarship for  Latter-day Saints. 

Mormon and Maori
by Marjorie Newton
Examines the appeal of Mormonism for the Maori of New Zealand from its first introduction to them in the 1880s and the reasons for its continuing success.

Even Unto Bloodshed: A Latter-day Saint Perspective on War
by Duane Boyce
Outlines a general framework for an LDS scriptural view of war. Such a framework is neither pacifist nor aggressive, and includes the morality and wisdom expected of all disciples of Christ.

by Jesper Paulsen
Originally published in Danish, Jesper Paulsen provides a history of Mormonism in Denmark from the perspective of Danish Latter-day Saints.

Towards a Latter-day Saint Theology of Religions
by James Holt
Systematizes Mormon approaches to christology, pneumatology and eschatology, developing a paradigm that will maintain Mormonism's exclusivism while embracing truths found in other religions.
The Lost 116 Pages: Rediscovering the Book of Lehi
by Don Bradley
The lost 116 pages are the earliest scripture of the Restoration. Historical and textual evidence for the Book of Lehi’s contents enables a reconstruction of the book's structure and themes.

Understanding Evangelicalism: A Guide for Latter-day Saints
by John W. Morehead
An exercise in interfaith dialogue, this volume brings together several prominent Evangelical Christian authors to address the misunderstandings that many Latter-day Saints have of their beliefs.

William B. Smith: In the Shadow of a Prophet
by Kyle R. Walker
Brother to the prophet Joseph, William Smith was one of the first called apostles of the restoratioon and eventually succeeded his father as Church Patriarch. This biography tells his fascinating story. 

Exploring Mormon Thought: Volume 4, Existential Issues: Epistemology and Evil
by Blake Ostler
The fourth volume in Ostler's Exploring Mormon Thought series tackles the problem of knowledge and the problem of evil.


In addition to these titles, other future Kofford titles include works from the following authors:

  • Julie Smith, an LDS commentary on the four gospels
  • Russell Stevenson, on the history of black Latter-day Saints
  • Neylan McBain, on gender cooperation in Church administration
  • Jim McConkie, on gospel insights from historical Jesus scholarship
  • Stuart Parker, on the role of influential LDS scholars in shaping Mormon historiography
  • Michael Austin, on reading the Book of Job
  • Christine and Christopher Blythe, a documentary history of the succession crisis and early Mormon schismatic movements
  • Jacob Baker, philosophical and theological meditations on suffering
  • Brad Kramer and Seth Payne, on "hard questions" and the pastoral potential of LDS apologetics
  • Richard Davis, on gospel-centered approaches to political ideology
  • Colby Townsend, on the influence of King James English on the text of the Book of Mormon