Scholarly Resources on Mormon Polygamy from Kofford Books December 17 2013

LDS plural marriage has been in the news recently.

A federal district judge in Utah, in the so-called "Sister Wives" case, ruled last week that portions of state anti-polygamy laws were unconstitutional, in effect de-criminalizing polygamy as practiced today (read the 
ruling here).

Additionally, the LDS Church posted a detailed and candid essay at on the historical practice of plural marriage, including a discussion of polygamous marriages after President Woodruff issued the 1890 Manifesto. 

Several Kofford Books authors have written about Mormon polygamy. Brian Hales has written the definitive work on the Nauvoo origins of plural marriage under Joseph Smith, including a detailed analysis of the theological and doctrinal underpinningsof polygamy. Jessie Embry and Brian Hales have also both written about Mormon fundamentalism and the modern practice and experience of polygamy. And Stan Larsen has compiled detailed accounts of the experiences of Church leaders imprisoned during the 1880s for their participation in plural marriage.




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