AuthorCast #76: Exploring Mormon Thought, episode 28 October 23 2017

Exploring Mormon Thought, Episode 28: The Relation of Moral Obligation and God in LDS Thought (Pt 2) - Ch 3
By Corey Ostler

We discuss different ethical theories and evaluate if they fit with the LDS commitments and doctrine. We layout the positive and negative aspect of each theory and come up with a theory of ethics that is scriptural and consistent with the LDS world view and revelations.

Topics Discussed:
• The Possibilities of Ethics in LDS Thought
• An LDS Teleological Ethic?
• The Human Rights Objection
• The Distributive-Justice Objection
• The Genuine Friendship Objection
• A Duty-Based LDS Ethic?
• The Overbroad Rule Argument
• The Underinclusive Value Argument
• An LDS Agape Theory of Ethics in Alignment with the Gospel of Christ

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