Authorcast #123: Neylan McBaine, Women at Church at Home May 15 2020

Show description: Neylan McBaine discusses progress towards greater visibility and voice for women in the LDS Church since the publication of Women at Church in 2014, the effects of the pandemic and "house church" on women, and recent research published by BYU regarding women's voices in predominantly male group settings.

Neylan McBaine, a life-long Mormon, grew up in New York City and later attended Yale University. She currently lives with her husband and three young daughters and works as a brand strategist for an advertising agency in Salt Lake City. Widely published as a religion writer, Neylan founded the Mormon Women Project, a digital library of interviews with LDS women from around the world, in an effort to emphasize the many ways that modern faithful women choose the right. The site, which posts about one interview a week with the help of dozens of volunteers, includes over 250 interviews with LDS women from 22 countries.


Women at Church: Magnifying LDS Women's Local Impact
By Neylan McBaine

“Helps LDS women have broader impact, less frustration and a fuller personification of the expansive LDS doctrine of women’s potential.” — Wendy Ulrich, Mormon Times

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