AuthorCast #75: Exploring Mormon Thought, episode 27 October 16 2017

Exploring Mormon Thought, Episode 27: 027-The Relation of Moral Obligation and God in LDS Thought (Pt 1) - Ch 3
By Corey Ostler

In his contribution to The New Mormon Challenge, Francis Beckwith argues that the LDS view of God(s) cannot explain the existence of objective moral obligation and that the “classical” view which he purports to defend can.…ith/dp/0310231949

Topics Discussed:
• Beckwith's Argument
• Why Beckwith’s Argument Necessarily Unsound
• Are Moral Laws Logically Dependent On God’s Nature?
• Is God a Morally Perfect Being?
• Beckwith’s Equivocation in His Use of “God”

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