AuthorCast #70: Exploring Mormon Thought, episode 22 September 12 2017

Exploring Mormon Thought, Episode 22: The Attributes of God - A Critique
By Corey Ostler

Back when the book was released in 2001 there was a Sunstone "Author Meets Critics" session for this book. The speakers took most of the time leaving my dad only a few minutes to reply to the critiques offered. Well obviously that isn't enough time so I thought we could go more in depth on answers to issues brought up as well as in some other sessions that are about the topics in the book.

God's Ultimacy:

Author Meets Critics:

God's Relation to the Universe:…-or-with/1853/

Topics Discussed:

• God's Ultimacy
• God's Power
• God Knowing All Possibilities
• God and Time

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