AuthorCast #69: Exploring Mormon Thought, episode 21 September 05 2017

Exploring Mormon Thought, Episode 21: The Attributes Of God Ch 14 - A Mormon Christology (Part 2)
By Corey Ostler

This is the last episode covering Vol 1: The Attributes of God. Last week we laid out the unique Mormon commitments of a Christology and this week we see if it can hold up to scrutiny. We discuss how the Mormon view dissolves many of the issues in conventional Christology, but has its own set of challenges. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed:
• God's Necessary Existence
• The Necessity of Condescension and Kenosis
• Are Divinity and Humanity Compossible in Christ?
• Time Indexed Properties of Divinity
• Was Jesus Truly Human
• The Problems of Identity
• Was It Possible for Jesus to Sin?
• Could Yahweh Be God If He Could Learn from Suffering?

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