AuthorCast #65: Exploring Mormon Thought, episode 18 August 14 2017

Exploring Mormon Thought, Episode 18: The Attributes Of God Ch 12 - Immutability and Impassibility
By Corey Ostler

The scriptures state that God does not change. We examine what some possible interpretations of this are. There is one extreme of Classical Theism where God cannot change at all and therefore can't really be affected by prayer or humanity. We discuss the option that perhaps this refers to God's Character and his resoluteness to fulfill his promises. We then turn to God and his ability to be affected emotionally. Can God suffer? Well Jesus did and we examine the implications of that and much more. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed:
• Defining Changelessness
• Immutability in Nature
• Immutability in Will
• Immutability and Mutability in God’s Knowledge
• Divine Passibility in Feeling
1. The Argument of Divine Love
2. The Argument from Immanent Omniscience
3. The Argument from Worshipworthiness

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