AuthorCast #64: Exploring Mormon Thought, episode 17 July 25 2017

Exploring Mormon Thought, Episode 17: The Attributes Of God Ch 11 - Time, Timelessness, and Omnitemporality
By Corey Ostler

We discuss various ideas on what time is what it means, starting with Aristotle's thought. We then turn our attention to physics and how time is relative depending on one's inertial frame of reference. We summarize the implications of the concept of time from the general and special theories of relativity. We then turn to what it could mean for God to be timeless and problems with that. We then discuss possible issues of God having a body and if God can still be immediately immanent to all existence and implications from the Contingent Omniscience that we discussed last week.

Topics Discussed:
• Everlasting Time
• Measured Time
• The Theory of Relational Time
• Temporality
• The Theory of Absolute Time
• Simultaneity
• Relative Space-Time
• Defining Timeless Eternity
• Implications of Divine Timelessness
• Problems with Divine Timelessness
• Reasons to Adopt Divine Timelessness
• God’s Omnitemporality

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