AuthorCast #62: MHA presentation by Michael Austin July 14 2017

In this episode, Michael Austin presents "The Dime Novel Hero in Salt Lake City: Popular Fiction and the Contested Mormon Embrace of Modernity, 1890–1903." This presentation was given at the 2017 Mormon History Association Conference held in St. Charles, MO on June 3, 2017.


Michael Austin is the co-editor of The Mormon Image in Literature series. Dime Novel Mormons, the latest volume in the series, collects four full-length dime novels that represent different aspects of the Mormon image in dime novels: Eagle Plume, the White Avenger. A Tale of the Mormon Trail (1870); The Doomed Dozen; or, Dolores, the Danite’s Daughter (1881); Frank Merriwell Among the Mormons; or, The Lost Tribes of Israel (1897); and The Bradys Among the Mormons; or, Secret Work in Salt Lake City (1903).

Preview the volume here.
Read a Q&A with the editors here.


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