AuthorCast #59: This Month in Mormon Studies July 03 2017


Join co-hosts Brian Whitney (Greg Kofford Books) and Brandt Malone (Mormon News Report) in this lively look at the latest happenings in the field of Mormon studies, including news, blogs, new book releases, and events from the past month.

Highlights from this episode include: Lost causes, pants and parental leave policies for Church employees, Brigham Young's potty mouth, Deseret Books and bad hypotheses, new podcast finds, and more!


In the News

Passing of Greg Bragg
Church Historian details forthcoming new comprehensive Church history
Why don't Mormons have a lost cause?
Church Historian reviews progress on Hamilton Church History Centre

On the Blogs

Ardis Parshall, "The Lesser-Used Detritus of Long-Dead File Clerks"
Ardis Parshall, "I Don't Blame Timothy Ballard. I Blame Deseret Book."
Ben Park, "The LDS Church's Parental Employment Policy: Some Context"
Jeff Lindsay, "The Book of Mormon Versus the Consensus of Scholars: Surprised from the Disputed Longer Ending of Mark, Part 1"
Mormon Interpreter Journal Vol 24 now available
Ben Spackman, "MHA Presentation and Reconciling Science with Scripture"
Joseph Stuart, "Patriarchal Blessings, Lineage, and Race: Historical Background and a Survey"
Ben Park, "JI Summer Book Club 2017: A House Full of Females, Chapter 4"
Clark Goble, "Future Mormon Reading Chapter 1"
Dave Banack, "6 Questions for Tom Kimball on the Kirtland Temple"


LDS Perspectives: "Mormon Stories in Shorts - Scott Hales"
LDS Perspectives: "The Divine Council - Stephen Smoot"
Year of Polygamy: "Update on Short Creek"
Year of Polygamy: "Denver Snuffer, The Remnant Movement, and Polygamy"
Gospel Tangents: Curt Bench interviews
Gospel Tangents: Brian Hales interviews
Faith Promoting Rumors podcast

Recent Book Releases

Terryl L. Givens, Feeding the Flock: The Foundations of Mormon Thought: Church and Praxis" (Oxford University Press)


Susan McCloud, "The remarkable brothers of the Prophet Brigham Young"
Christopher Blythe, "Ann Booth's Vision and Early Conceptions of Redeeming the Dead among Latter-day Saints"
Christopher Blythe, "The Council of Fifty Minutes and Latter-day Saint Studies on Succession"
Matthew Godfrey, "A Season of Blessings: The Function of Blessings in Kirtland Ohio, 1834 - 1835"
Matthew Godfrey, "Wise Men and Wise Women: The Role of Church Members in Financing Church Operations, 1834-1835"

Digital Content

Maxine Hanks, Women and Authority: Re-emerging Mormon Feminism at

Conferences and Events

Utah’s Tanner Humanities Center: "Manifest Destiny Reconsidered: The Utah Experience"
LDS Educators Association first annual conference
Samuel Brown, "To Save the Bible, First You Must Kill It." 
Sunstone 2017 SLC Symposium
Women Scholars in Contemporary Mormonism: Changes, Challenge, and Choosing Fatih

Call for Papers/Applications 

2018 Mormon History Association Conference - an addendum



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