AuthorCast #48: Exploring Mormon Thought, episode 4 May 08 2017

Exploring Mormon Thought, Episode 4: Apostasy and Concepts of Perfection (Part 1)
By Corey Ostler

Part 1 of the second chapter in The Attributes of God.

We discuss how concepts of perfection from Platonism/Neo-Platonism heavily influenced early Christian thought on God's attributes. We then discuss the Absolutist system developed largely by Augustine and articulated by Thomas Aquinas. We bring up issues with the 'God' that arises when you follow this system to its logical conclusions.

Topics discussed:
Confluence of Greek Philosophy and Christian Theology
Emergence of the Absolutist Tradition in Christian Theology
The Logic of Absolute Independence
Pure Actuality
Divine Simplicity
Timeless Eternity

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