AuthorCast #45: Exploring Mormon Thought, episode 1 May 08 2017

Exploring Mormon Thought, Episode 1: Interview with Blake Ostler
By Corey Ostler

My father Blake Ostler is a well-known Mormon Theologian and Scholar (In a addition to being a full-time attorney ) Over the years he has written several articles for scholarly Mormon publications such as Dialogue, FARMS, Sunstone Mag, Element, and others.

What I want to do is take the complex issues in these books and discuss them in a way that makes sense to the average listener. So this is sort of going to be like taking me to school on a lot of these issues and topics.

For the most part we will go chapter by chapter of each book starting with the first one: The Attributes of God

However I wanted to start off with an episode of getting to know Blake Ostler. His background, journey and motivations for writing these books and so forth.

Learn more about Blake Ostler’s book series, Exploring Mormon Thought.


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