AuthorCast #26 - Adam S. Miller reads from Future Mormon June 16 2016



Adam S. Miller reads “A Manifesto for the Future of Mormon Thinking” from Future Mormon: Essays in Mormon Theology.

Future Mormon by Adam S. Miller presents a hypothetical future generation of Latter-day Saints and their relationship with Mormonism. If current religiosity trends continue, then future generations will face unique challenges in staying connected with their faith tradition in an increasingly non-affiliated society. Future Mormon is, in a sense, a time-capsule. A collection of thoughts and ideas that Adam styles “para-academic” in the sense that he uses academic tools but filters them through a pastoral and exegetical lens. He terms his approach “future-tense apologetics,” and although his volume defends Mormon thought, it is far from defensive. Future Mormon is grounded in the idea that every generation has to find its own connection with faith; and that every generation must re-think the faith tradition from the ground up. In these essays, Adam explores theological and philosophical possibilities: he writes extensively on grace and its role in Creation, the Fall, and the Atonement; he explores the concept of perfectibility in premortal and postmortal worlds; he challenges Platonism in Christianity; and wrestles with the “radical materialism” of Mormonism.  This is only a sample of the ideas Future Mormon works through.

“Represents some of the most careful, creative, and charitable work going on in Mormon theology today.” — Association for Mormon Letters

Preview Future Mormon here.

Read a Q&A with the author.

Listen to our AuthorCast interview with Adam Miller.



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