AuthorCast #24 - This Month in Mormon Studies! June 03 2016


This Month in Mormon Studies is a new series co-hosted by Brian Whitney (Greg Kofford Books) and Brandt Malone (Mormon News Report). In this engaging and lighthearted series, Brian and Brandt will be discussing the latest going's-on in the field of Mormon studies. From news and blog highlights to new book releases and upcoming events, this monthly series is not to be missed. Subscribe today!

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In the News

Spencer Fluhman named director of Maxwell Institute

Historian Ronald Walker passed away at age 76

George D. Smith receives honorary Doctorate from University of Utah

First edition of Book of Mormon to be part of Library of Congress

On the Blogs

Juvenile Instructor Book Club for Summer 2016 - Mormon Enigma

Harmonized First Vision accounts in CES broadcast (times & Seasons)

Matthew Grow’s touching tribute to Ronald Walker @ BCC

Re-examining and re-evaluating the Gospel Topics essays by Mary-Ann at W&T

Steve Taysom interviewed by Matt Bowman on craft of biography writing

Latest Book Releases

Adam Miller, Future Mormon: Essays in Mormon Theology

Kate Holbrook and Matthew Bowman, eds., Women and Mormonism: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Gregory A. Prince, Leonard Arrington and the Writing of Mormon History

Matthew C. Godfrey, et al., eds., Joseph Smith Papers: Documents, Vol. 4: April 1834 - September 1835

Martha Bradley-Evans, Glorious in Persecution: Joseph Smith, American Prophet, 1839-1844

Patrick Q. Mason, ed., Directions for Mormon Studies in the Twenty-First Century

Laura Hales, ed., A Reason for Faith: Navigating LDS Doctrine & Church History

Read Brandt Malone's interview with Laura Hales on the Cultural Hall Podcast.

Upcoming Events

UVU professor Brian Birch to teach new class at University of Utah - “The Intellectual Life of Mormonism.”

Mormonism in Religious Studies workshop at University of Utah

Mormon History Association 2016 Conference in Snowbird, UT

Mormon Women's History Initiative Team (MWHIT) sponsoring a fundraising bazaar at MHA.

Greg Prince author event at Benchmark Books, June 8

Greg Prince author event at Writ & Vision, June 9

Adam Miller author event at Writ & Vision, June 14

Jack Harrell author event at Writ & Vision, June 28

Matthew Godfrey speaking on Zion's Camp at Temple Square Assembly Hall, June 23



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