Authorcast #22 - Adam S. Miller May 16 2016



An interview with Adam S. Miller, author of Future Mormon: Essays in Mormon Theology.

Every generation must start again. Every generation must work out their own salvation. Every generation must live its own lives and think its own thoughts and receive its own revelations. And, if Mormonism continues to matter, it will be because they, rather than leaving, were willing to be Mormon all over again. Like our grandparents, like our parents, and like us, they will have to rethink the whole tradition, from top to bottom, right from the beginning, and make it their own in order to embody Christ anew in this passing world.


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Preview the volume here.

Read a Q&A with the author.

Read Adam Miller's "Letter to a CES Student"

Join us June 14, 2016 for a special author event with Adam Miller at Writ & Vision fine art gallery and books in Provo, UT:

Writ & Vision
274 Center Stret
Provo, UT 84601