Perspectives on Mormon Theology

Brian D. Birch and Loyd Isao Ericson, Series Editors

Perspectives on Mormon Theology is designed to facilitate and advance the academic study of Latter-day Saint thought. As Mormon Studies continues to develop as an academic field, there is increasing demand for scholarship that engages theological studies and the philosophy of religion. This series is a response to this need and is designed to provide interested readers additional resources in understanding this rich and intriguing religious tradition. Each volume engages a specific theological topic and exhibits a variety of perspectives in the topic area. The series is not intended to defend any particular position, but rather to provide a forum within which a range of approaches and methodologies are given voice.

Initial volumes in the Perspectives on Mormon Theology series include:

Scriptural Theology, edited by James E. Faulconer and Joseph M. Spencer
Grace, edited by Robert L. Millet and Sheila Taylor
Apologetics, edited by Blair G. Van Dyke and Loyd Isao Ericson
Revelation, edited by Brian D. Birch and Richard Livingston
Atonement, edited by Deidre Green and Eric D. Huntsman