Nicholas S. Literski

Nicholas S. Literski, JD, MA, is an adjunct lecturer at the California Institute of Integral Studies, a Jungian scholar, and a professional spiritual guide. In 2001, Nick became the first Master Mason raised in Hancock County after the 1840s Mormon exodus, going on to receive the Royal Arch, Cryptic, and Knight Templar degrees within the York, as well as the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite. Nick’s work has been published in FARMS Review of Books on The Book of MormonPsychological Perspectives: A Quarterly Journal of Jungian ThoughtImmanence: The Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend, and FolkloreSomatics Magazine-Journal of the Mind-Body Arts and Sciences; and the recent compilation, The Reality of Fragmentation and the Yearning for Healing: Jungian Perspectives on Democracy, Power, and Illusion in Contemporary Politics. Nick is also a past Assistant Editor of the journal, Anthropology of Consciousness. Nick is a PhD candidate in depth psychology, holding master’s degrees in both spiritual guidance and depth psychology.Nick lives with their husband in Tigard, Oregon. More information on Nick’s work and publications may be found at

Nick is a co-author of Method Infinite: Freemasonry and the Mormon Restoration.