Black Friday Sale 2022

Our 2022 Black Friday sale starts 6AM on Thanksgiving Day and runs all the way through Monday, November 28.
This year we're offering 20-40% off books focused on the New Testament and 50% off some highlights from our collection of hardcover-exclusive titles.

The full list of titles on sale can be seen below. (See here for brief descriptions of our New Testament-related titles.) Highlights include:

20% OFF

The New Testament: A Translation for Latter-day Saints has arrived hot off the press and just in time for the next year of Come Follow Me. Thomas Wayment's modern English translation helps readers to better understand the teachings of Jesus, his disciples, and his followers. This revised edition corrects the first edition of this translation in nearly two hundred instances and adds new introductions on the Joseph Smith Translation and reading scripture, alongside in-depth appendices that details where the language of the New Testament appears in other Latter-day Saint scripture.

SALE: $23.99

50% OFF

The Second Witness series by Brant Gardner has been lauded as the most comprehensive Book of Mormon commentary in existence. Brant uses his extensive knowledge and background in Mesoamerican anthropology and intertextual studies to bring the Book of Mormon to life for modern readers. Second Witness can be purchased as a set or individual volumes. A must-have for the serious student of the Book of Mormon.

6-VOLUME SET SALE: $124.85

40% OFF

In their insightful and moving volume Whom Say Ye That I Am? Lessons from the Jesus of Nazareth, authors James and Judith McConkie turn to the latest scholarship on the historical and cultural background of Jesus to discover lessons on what we can learn from his exemplary life. Whether it be his intimate interactions with the sick, the poor, women, and the outcast, or his public confrontations with oppressive religious, political, and economic institutions, Jesus of Nazareth—the son of a carpenter, Messiah, and Son of God—exemplified the way, the truth, and the life that we must follow to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven.


40% OFF

In Search, Ponder, and Pray: A Guide to the Gospels, Julie Smith has compiled over 4,000 thought-provoking questions that allow readers to ponder the gospels in new and exciting ways. Latter-day Saints already familiar with the New Testament will find a wealth of new insights into the cultural, historical, and literary background of the Gospels. This book immediately and directly facilitates a close, deliberate, and thoughtful reading of the Gospel accounts.

SALE: $16.77

50% OFF

Mark Lyman Staker's award-winning book, Hearken, O Ye People: The Historical Setting of Joseph Smith's Ohio Revelations offers an in-depth analysis of the historical context behind much of what became canonized in the Doctrine and Covenants. A fantastic gift for any Church history buff.

SALE PRICE: $17.48