The Wasp


Book Description:

A newspaper published in Nauvoo from April 16, 1842, through April 26, 1843, The Wasp provides a crucial window into firsthand accounts of the happenings and concerns of the Saints in Nauvoo. It was initially edited by William Smith, younger brother of Joseph Smith. William was succeeded by John Taylor as editor and Taylor and Wilford Woodruff as printers and publishers. Some of the main stories covered in the newspaper are the August 1842 elections where local candidates endorsed by the Mormons easily won against their opponents, the fall from grace of John C. Bennett, the attempt by the state of Missouri to extradite Joseph Smith as an accessory in the attempted murder of Lilburn W. Boggs, and the Illinois legislature’s effort to repeal the Nauvoo charter.
     With a foreword by Peter Crawley putting the newspaper in historical context, this first-ever reproduction of the entire run of the The Wasp is essential to anyone interested in the Nauvoo period of Mormonism.

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Pages: 216
Oversized 11” X 17”
ISBN: 978-1-58958-050-3 (Hardcover)

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