Textual Studies of the Doctrine and Covenants: The Plural Marriage Revelation


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By William Victor Smith


Part of our Contemporary Studies in Scripture series

Book Description:

Joseph Smith's July 12, 1843, revelation on plural marriage was the last of his formal written revelations and a transformational moment in Mormonism. While acting today as the basis for the doctrine of eternal nuclear families, the revelation came forth during a period of theological expansion as Smith was in the midst of introducing new temple rituals, radical doctrines on God and humanity, a restructured priesthood and ecclesiastical hierarchy, and, of course, the practice of plural marriage.

In this volume, author William V. Smith examines the text of this complicated and rough revelation to explore the motivation for its existence, how it reflects this dynamic theology of the Nauvoo period, and how the revelation was utilized and reinterpreted as Mormonism fully embraced and later abandoned polygamy.

More information:

Approx. 300 pages
ISBN: 978-1-58958-690-1 (paperback); 978-1-58958-691-8

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