Creating Bodies, Creating Joy: Eden in the Book of Mormon


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By Colby Townsend


Part of our Contemporary Studies in Scripture series

Book Description:

This study takes seriously the question of the influence of the King James Bible on the Book of Mormon by looking specifically at how the Eden and expulsion narrative in Genesis 2–4 was used and interpreted in the English text of this modern work of scripture. In doing so, author Colby Townsend examines various source texts and interpretations of these passages that were available during Joseph Smith's dictation, and he carefully applies methods used in Biblical criticism to glean new insights on the text and construction of the Book of Mormon.

About the Author:

Colby Townsend is currently a graduate student working on an MA in History at Utah State University under the direction of Dr. Philip Barlow. He previously completed two HBA degrees at the University of Utah in 2016, one in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Religion and Culture, and the other in Religious Studies—the former of which was awarded the Marriott Library Honors Thesis Award and is being revised as Eden in the Book of Mormon: Appropriation and Retelling of Genesis 2–4.

More information:

ISBN: 978-1-58958-748-9 (paperback); 978-1-58958-749-6 (hardcover)


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