Discourses in Mormon Theology: Philosophical and Theological Possibilities


Edited by James M. McLachlan and Loyd Isao Ericson

“An excellent compilation of essays that are sure to feed both the mind and soul.”Association for Mormon Letters.

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Book Description:

A mere two hundred years old, Mormonism is still in its infancy compared to other theological disciplines (Judaism, Catholicism, Buddhism, etc.). This volume will introduce its reader to the rich blend of theological viewpoints that exist within Mormonism. The essays break new ground in Mormon studies by exploring the vast expanse of philosophical territory left largely untouched by traditional approaches to Mormon theology. It presents philosophical and theological essays by many of the finest minds associated with Mormonism in an organized and easy-to-understand manner and provides the reader with a window into the fascinating diversity amongst Mormon philosophers. Open-minded students of pure religion will appreciate this volume’s thoughtful inquiries.

These essays were delivered at the first conference of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology.


Praise for Discourses in Mormon Theology:

“Discourses in Mormon Theology is an excellent compilation of essays that are sure to feed both the mind and soul. It reminds all of us that beyond the white shirts and ties there exists a universe of theological and moral sensitivity that cries out for study and acclamation. . . . Readers—thinkers—should not miss this opportunity to share in the discussion. I promise you, you will find something of great value—a peculiar treasure, if you will—in these pages.” — Jeffrey Needle, Association for Mormon Letters.

Contributors to This Volume:

James M. McLachlan - Theological and Philosophical Possibilities of the Mormon Religion
Grant Underwood - A “Communities of Discourse” Approach to Early LDS Thought
James M. McLachlan - The Modernism Controversy: William Henry Chamberlin, His Teachers Howison and Royce, and the Conception of God Debate
Richard Sherlock - Prayer and Divine Attributes
Brian D. Birch - Theological Method and the Question of Truth: A Postliberal Approach to Mormon Doctrine and Practice
Blake T. Ostler - The Relation of Moral Obligation and God in LDS Thought
Benjamin Huff - Theology in the One-Room Schoolhouse
Kelli Potter - Liberation Theology in the Book of Mormon
Margaret M. Toscano - Is There a Place for Heavenly Mother in Mormon Theology? An Investigation into Discourses of Power
Adam S. Miller - Messianic History: Walter Benjamin and the Book of Mormon
James E. Faulconer - On Scripture, or Idolatry versus True Religion
Robert L. Millet - What Do We Really Believe? Identifying Doctrinal Parameters within Mormonism

About the Editors:

James M. McLachlan is Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Western Carolina University. He specializes in and writes about process theology, personalism, Schelling, and Mormon studies.

Loyd Isao Ericson recieved his B.S. in philosophy at Utah Valley University and pursued an M.A. in philosophy of religion and theology at Claremont Graduate Univeristy. Since 2009 he has been the managing editor of Greg Kofford Books and has been published in Sunstone, Element: The Journal of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology, and the Claremont Journal of Mormon Studies, which he helped found. 

More Information:

Pages: 301
ISBN: 978-1-58958-104-3 (Paperback)
Published in 2007

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