Changing Faces of the Most Correct Book: A Publishing History and Analytical Bibliography of the Book of Mormon


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by Hugh G. Stocks

Forthcoming, 2023

Book Description:

The Book of Mormon is both the beginning and the central object of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (and many, if not all, of its numerous offshoots), to which it gave both a well-known nickname and an early and continuing impetus to growth. Published on March 26, 1830, in the small town of Palmyra, NY, and thus antedating the formal organization of the church by almost two weeks, it is, in many ways, the essential artifact of Mormonism. This study, pulling together data and interpretations from my master’s and doctoral theses, does not address textual, philosophical or theological issues raised by the Book of Mormon. It treats instead the Book as a book, discussing issues of printing, publishing, and distribution of the Book of Mormon in English from the creation of the original manuscripts to the publication of the 1920 revision.

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ISBN 978-1-58958-757-1

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