Miracles Among the Rubble: Bringing Convoys of Humanitarian Aid, Hugs, and Hope to a War-torn Region


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by Carol R. Gray

Edited by Samantha Richardson and Rebecca Johnson

Forthcoming August 2020

Book Description:

“All those years ago, feeling totally overwhelmed by what I saw of fear and destruction, I turned to the Lord with a yearning I could not understand. Still to this day I do not understand why a dear and loving Heavenly Father prepared the way for me, Carol Gray, an ordinary English wife and mother, to dare to believe that in my small and humble way I could possibly make the difference to a war-wearied country.”

Carol Rosemary Gray was a British mother and homemaker of seven children who became a recognized humanitarian leader in Europe and Africa. After receiving the all clear from her first battle with cancer at age 29, she made a promise to her Heavenly Father that she would live every single day to the fullest. This promise was exemplified years later when she began by organizing and transporting relief aid for victims of the Balkan War during the early 1990s, returning more than 34 times in the following nine years. She then went on to found Hugs International TLC, which, through Carol’s efforts, funded the construction and operating of homes, a school, dormitories, a medical center and a sports field in Ghana for the next 10 years. Carol passed away in 2010 at age 66.

This volume comprises a selection of heart-wrenching and inspiring experiences told in Carol’s poetically unique style of expression. Her stories are a testament to the extraordinary achievements of an ordinary mother, who was able to do remarkable things with nothing more than unwavering faith, the help and guidance of the Holy Ghost, and her relationship with the Savior.

About the Author and Editors:

Carol R. Gray was the only child of parents who were not able to conceive more children. As a consequence, she dreamed of having a large family of her own. Carol happily raised her seven children in the gospel and rejoiced in their growth. Her capacity to love and share that love, knew no bounds. After surviving her first battle with cancer, Carol believed she had been presented with a second chance at life for a reason. That reason, and what was to become the second chapter of Carol’s life adventure, came into stark focus one day when viewing scenes of human devastation in war-torn Bosnia and Croatia. Carol spent the next twenty years giving her heart and soul to those in need in Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Ghana. She passed away in 2010 after her final battle with cancer.

Samantha Richardson is the second of Carol Gray’s seven children. Samantha accompanied Carol on her first humanitarian aid trips to Bosnia in 1992-93 before starting her own family. She is native to England, where she graduated from the University of Hull with a BA Honours Degree in Spanish and French with Translation Studies. Samantha is married with three sons and currently resides in England.

Rebecca Johnson attended Brigham Young University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and worked as a student editor. After serving a mission in Russia, she received a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from George Mason University. She is returning to editing after twenty years of full-time mothering. She lives in Germany with her husband and seven children.

More Information:

ISBN 978-1-58958-578-2 (paperback); 978-1-58958-650-5 (hardcover)

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