Future Mormon: Essays in Mormon Theology


By Adam S. Miller

“Represents some of the most careful, creative, and charitable work going on in Mormon theology today.... Go read this book.” — Association for Mormon Letters
“Lays the foundation for a more thoughtful, earthy, and creative Mormonism.” — Worlds Without End
“This is not your grandfather’s Mormon Doctrine. This is the future of Mormon theology.”— The Millennial Star

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From the Introduction:

I have three children, a girl and two boys. Our worlds overlap but, already, these worlds are not the same. Their worlds, the worlds that they will grow to fill, are already taking leave of mine. Their futures are already wedged into our present. This is both heartening and frightening. So much of our world deserves to be left. So much of it deserves to be scrapped and recycled. But, too, this scares me. I worry that a lot of what has mattered most to me in this world—Mormonism in particular—may be largely unintelligible to them in theirs. This problem isn’t new, but it is perpetually urgent. Every generation must start again. Every generation must work out their own salvation. Every generation must live its own lives and think its own thoughts and receive its own revelations. And, if Mormonism continues to matter, it will be because they, rather than leaving, were willing to be Mormon all over again. Like our grandparents, like our parents, and like us, they will have to rethink the whole tradition, from top to bottom, right from the beginning, and make it their own in order to embody Christ anew in this passing world. To the degree that we can help, our job is to model that work in love and then offer them the tools, the raw materials, and the room to do it themselves.

These essays are a modest contribution in this vein, a future tense apologetics meant for future Mormons. They model, I hope, a thoughtful and creative engagement with Mormon ideas while sketching, without obligation, possible directions for future thinking.

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Praise for Future Mormon:

“The gospel as Adam expounds it in Future Mormon is challenging, but like all good exercise, the work needed to understand these ideas feels productive.  I broke a good mental sweat.”
—Angela C., By Common Consent

This is not your grandfather’s Mormon Doctrine. This is the future of Mormon theology, and Adam establishes a strong and powerful foundation upon which we can develop a richer and greater LDS doctrinal base.”
The Millennial Star

Future Mormon is important not just because it represents some of the most careful, creative, and charitable work going on in Mormon theology today, but precisely because it encourages readers to engage and respond in a similar manner. . . . Go read this book. Enjoy it. It’s some of Miller’s best work to date, and it’s a powerful invitation. One you won’t regret accepting.
Jenny Webb, Association for Mormon Letters

Adam Miller sets his spirit and intellect loose on the important task of helping clear away debris and suggesting some possible new framings for Mormonism that might appeal to coming generations.” Dan Wotherspoon, Mormon Matters Podcast

“[Future Mormon] starts conversations, gets the mental wheels turning, and begins to transform the reader into a theologian. Miller’s book is the very world-building and alliance-making he describes. In it, he helps lay the foundation for a more thoughtful, earthy, and creative Mormonism; all while extending his hand to readers as an invitation to join him in the process. 
Walker Wright, Worlds Without End

“The philosophical and theological tools he offers to his children and ours are impressive and set forth here, with Miller’s characteristically arresting formulations, in a style that is both engaging and highly evocative.”
Ralph C. Hancock, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

“Adam S. Miller’s Future Mormon, his collection of ‘Essays in Mormon Theology,’ is one of the most intriguing reads I’ve encountered in LDS studies.”
Jeff Lindsay, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

“Miller puts some postmodern philosophical meat in the Mormon sandwich.” 
Dave Banack, Times and Seasons

Adam Miller is poetic and inspiring. . . . And this ranks as one of my favorite LDS books. Adam Miller will challenge his readers. But if you work at it, you will leave spiritually fed, inspired to be a better person, and proud to be a Mormon.” 
Randall Bowen, LDS Church is True Blog

“Future Mormon approaches theology with ideas and methods that most Latter-day Saints may not be familiar or comfortable. After all, theology is often a different animal than doctrine and devotional religion. . . . Miller’s theses are bold, insightful, and provocative, and they are laid out in clear language and arguments. . . . those interested in Mormon theology must read this book, and many others ought to.
James E. Faulconer, BYU Studies Quarterly Vol 56, No 1

About the Author:

Adam S. Miller is a professor of philosophy at Collin College in McKinney, Texas. He is the author of several books, including Rube Goldberg Machines: Essays in Mormon TheologyBadiou, Marion, and St. Paul: Immanent Grace, Letters to a Young Mormon, and Speculative Grace: An Experiment with Bruno Latour in Object-Oriented Theology.

More Information:

146 pages
ISBN 978-1-58958-509-6 (paperback)

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