Law and the Restoration: Law and Latter-day Saint History, Thought, and Scripture


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by Nathan B. Oman


Book Description:

Dive into the intricate relationship between law and Mormonism with Law and the Restoration: Law and Latter-day Saint History, Thought, and Scripture, a comprehensive exploration born from two decades of scholarly pursuit. Spanning diverse topics from nineteenth-century polygamy cases to modern-day legal interventions, Nathan B. Oman's collection illuminates the multifaceted interactions between the Latter-day Saint tradition and legal frameworks. Through meticulous analysis and thought-provoking insights, Oman unpacks the historical narratives of legal suppression faced by early Latter-day Saints while also delving into the complexities of ecclesiastical authority and doctrinal interpretation within the Mormon context. From the establishment of Mormon legal systems in the 1850s to contemporary debates over same-sex marriage, this volume offers a compelling journey through the evolution of Mormon legal thought.

Structured around three distinct approaches—Mormon legal history, theoretical applications of legal concepts to Mormonism, and close readings of legal materials in scripture—this book showcases the richness and diversity of Latter-day Saint legal discourse. Whether you're a legal scholar, a student of Mormon studies, or simply intrigued by the intersection of law and religion, Law and the Restoration promises to be an enlightening and indispensable resource for understanding the complexities of this dynamic relationship.

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ISBN: 978-1-58958-796-0

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