The Annals of the Southern Mission: A Record of the History of the Settlement of Southern Utah


Not yet available

by James Godson Bleak, Historian for the Southern Utah Mission

Edited by Aaron McArthur and Reid L. Neilson

Forthcoming, Spring/Summer 2018

Book Description:

James G. Bleak’s Annals of the Southern Mission, (1900-1907) number 2,266 loose and lined pages and represent the finest early history of Southern Utah stretching from its initial Mormon settlement in 1849 into the early years of the twentieth century.

Bleak submitted the first portion of the history, numbering over 500 pages, to the Church Historian’s Office in April 1903. He submitted additional increments of the manuscript when he visited Salt Lake City, usually for general conferences. He delivered the final installment of his Annals to the Historian’s Office in October 1907. The complete holograph manuscript has been in the continuous custody of the Church History Department (formerly the Church Historian’s Office) ever since.

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